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8. - 10. Oktober 2019
Esterhazy - Forchtenstein
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Safety rules

SAFETY is extremely important at AUSTROFOMA.

ATTENTION! All the forestry machines at AUSTROFOMA will be shown working. Trees will be felled, and visitors will therefore be entering the AUSTROFOMA site at their own risk. Each machine exhibitor is obliged to observe the event's safety regulations, and all visitors will have to follow instructions given by the safety personnel as well. You will be able to recognise the safety personnel by their white helmets. Their job will be to protect your life!



  • A helmet must be worn whenever you are on the AUSTROFOMA site. (This includes the circuit, chopping area and village.)

  • An alcohol ban applies to the whole of the AUSTROFOMA site.

  • Cordoned off areas must NEVER be entered.

  • Instructions given by safety personnel must be followed at all times.

  • The danger zones of working machines must not be entered at any time.

  • A smoking ban applies whenever there is a risk of forest fire. Naked flames must never be used.